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This page is dedicated to discussing my suggestions for improvement for the Magellan Cyclo 505

Click here for a list of Cyclo 505 files and folders in v4.0

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Since v4.0.6.8808 2014-04-25 software was released in Australia on 27 May 2014 my Cyclo 505 has been rock solid.  Every feature works as advertised and all of the sensor problems that myself and many other users experienced with the v3.1 software are gone.  I happily recommend the Cyclo 505 to anyone looking for mapping-capable bike computer. This is still a fairly new product and I expect further improvements in future software updates.  The following items are mainly my suggestions for improvement, feel free to add your own at the bottom of the page.  Also feel free to ask any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.

If you want to read some reviews of the Cyclo 505 try these:
DC Rainmaker has done an initial review and a review of v4 new features
CyclingTips has also done a review
Alia Parker (CycleTraveller) has also done a review

The Cyclo user forum is located at

1. Recordings & History

(a) Since updating to v4.0.6.8808 2014-04-25 every history entry has the wrong date (1 day previous to recording) but the date is correct once uploaded to the Magellan website/Strava and viewed there.  The date remains incorrect in the history list.

(b) The odometer cannot be reset or edited.  Many users want to start the odometer at a predefined value so that it accurately reflects the distance the bike has travelled.

2. Usability

(a) The buttons that come up for confirmations are too small.  Should fill the screen so they are easy to press.  The font on the messages is also too small. In fact most fonts are too small and could easily be increased.  Bigger is better IMO. The Dashboard screen can have from 1 to 8 items on first two screens BUT whether it is 8 items or one item, the display font is not much larger.  Need some BIG FONTS for when there are few items displayed.  When three items are displayed the first field is large and the other two smaller, when four items are displayed, all fields are smaller.  Suggest it would be better to keep the first large display and split the bottom field in two.  Same for 5 items, keep the first field big and then split rows 2 and 3 into two.  Maybe the tile arrangement could be user selectable?

(b) In my opinion confirmations should be omitted wherever possible.  For example when the Cyclo is moved away from the bike, the Speed/Cadence sensor icon flashes, but then a confirmation message pops up and has to be acknowledged.
Here is a list of confirmation messages that I believe are not required:
(1) Press and hold power off for 3 secs and it still wants confirmation for power off
(2) Press record and it wants confirmation.
(3) Press Record Pause and it asks do I want to pause/stop/cancel. Should be one soft button for pause and one for stop and cancel not required
(4) After Record Pause, press Resume and it asks if I want to stop/resume/cancel.  Should be one soft button for Resume, One for Stop and cancel not required
(5) Press Stop Navigation and it wants confirmation
(6) Detects movement and asks if I want to start recording.  Can’t turn this off, should be user selectable  The movement detection seems to happen when I go over a bump, not when I start pedalling.
(7) Sensor lost and asks for confirmation.

(c) There is no way to lock the screen other than wait for the timeout.  Suggest press black button for 2 seconds for lock or 4 seconds for power off.

(d) There is really only two customisable dashboard screens (Screens 1 and 2).  Suggest add two more.  Also changing displayed values displayed requires going back to the settings screen.  Suggest make each displayed value long press to select a new value to display.

3. Documentation

(a) Getting Started Documentation: A few hard to follow pictures for setup made the process much harder than it should be.  No documentation at all on the out front mount and I had no idea how I was supposed to get it onto my handlebars.
(b) User Manual:  After 2 major software updates a lot of the user manual is already out of date.

4. Website

1. Cannot create routes or edit routes
2. When the 505 is connected the website constantly shows that it is Syncing when it is not.  Syncing should be started with a sync button and then stop afterwards.
3. No instructions on how to load 3rd party tracks and website doesn’t seem to be able to do it.  Had to go to a forum to find out how to copy new tracks to 505 manually.  Eventually found those instructions hidden in the manual.  For anyone else who is looking: Just plug the 505 into your PC and copy the gpx file to Mgn_data\Dodge\Tracks
4. Website cannot load tracks directly to 505.  Cannot even reload tracks recorded on 505 back to 505 if required.

4. Magellan Cyclo desktop tool (only used for software and map updates)

1. Tells you to “Close this Desktop Tool before accessing to avoid connection conflict problems.” but there is no easy way to close it.  Clicking the cross in the top right minimises it to the tray but does not close it.  Can be closed by right clicking launch bar icon and selecting Exit.  Lame.  No improvement in v4.04 released 27 May 2014
2. Always starts up with “Run at Startup” ticked.  Unticking it has no affect, it still always starts with Windows and this option is always ticked.
Workaround: Under Windows 8.1 go into Task Manager and disable it on the Start Up tab.

Here is the full list of v4.0 features (from and

  • Sensor detection improvement
  • Improved title bar with clear overview of the sensors connected
  • Improved profiles of the connected sensors
  • When the connection is being made, the activated sensor icons will be blinking
  • Sensors will be linked to an unique profile
  • Unwanted sensors will not be picked up anymore
  • Improved layout on sensor parameters
  • Faster route calculation
  • Correct time when uploading
  • Improved zoom in functions of elevation graphs
  • Improved external .gpx reading
  • Highways are shown on higher zoom level
  • Auto calculation of the wheel circumference
  • Change preview colour Route to Track
  • Faster reading of track & history files
  • Connectivity to Iphone or Android phone
    • View who is calling
    • Reading an SMS
    • Answering a call when connected with headset + microphone (wired or BT)
    • Controls music – play, pause, stop and next song
    • Control playlist – go through your playlist to search another song
    • Control music volume (Android only)
  • Bluetooth HR & Speed-Cadence sensors supported
  • Connect to Shimano Di2 electronic bicycle shifting systems. (Di2Wireless Unit required)
    • Allows user to see gear info during a ride
    • Di2 gear info will be stored in history & gpx file
    • Shows Di2 battery level
  • Connects to ANT+ trainers: Elite digital Qubo, Tacx Bushido and Tacx Genius
  • Use Surprise Me to create route, and simulate riding it indoors, and experience the corresponding resistance on that route!
  • Where Am I function – Displays the current GPS location with the coordinates info, and even send an SMS to a contact, directly from the same screen (Android only)
  • Add a detour directly on the map screen
  • Improved MTB route calculation
  • Display % of unpaved roads during Surprise Me, in MTB profile
  • 7 different map colour schemes
  • New Odometer in History that provides all details on all your rides, both recorded and not recorded
  • Improved recalculation of track when changing route settings
  • Able to select tracks based on closest distance
  • Add message in Main menu when device is locked
  • Improved visibility when following a route over unpaved roads
  • Allow navigation to the centre of a post code
  • Streets are shown on higher zoom level
  • Swipe is now an option rather than using arrows to change/scroll screens
  • Unexpected traffic event can be avoided via the detour button on the map screen
  • Able to select tracks and POI’s based on the closest distance
  • other bug fixes


36 thoughts on “Magellan/Mio Cyclo 505

  1. Hi Greg,

    Magellan transferred it to my PC this afternoon using team viewer.

    Issues – comes up with unsupported phone when I try to pair to my Galaxy S5. I have not rooted my S5 and it’s running Android 4.4.2. Lets hope they sort that out soon.

    Keeps saying the my Shimano D-Fly (Di2 Sensor) has been lost, do I want to try to connect again. It will not connect to it. I do not know If this is an issue with the sensor or the Magellan as I have no other way of testing it.

    Other sensors, the duo trap and the Magellan heart rate connect fine, though I have not gone out for a ride yet.

    Will contact Magellan tomorrow about the Di2 and the phone.

    • Hi Michael, I had exactly the same problem with my Galaxy Note 2 running SlimKAT (4.4.2). As I mentioned above after pairing it up twice a lot of the files in the Program folder got erased – not very nice – and I have not tried to pair it again. You can bet the problem with the Di2 sensor will be the Magellan. I have noticed on two rides since updating to v4 that in the middle of a ride I suddenly lose all speed, cadence and heart rate display and then a few seconds later they come back. This never happened on v3.1. So it looks like there are some improvements and some more bugs.

  2. Hi Greg

    I contacted Magellan this morning and flagged the issues with them. Let’s hope that a new version is released soon. My local bike shop is checking with Shimano to see if their Di2 diagnostic software will check the D-Fly transmitter for the Di2 system (he thought that he saw an update recently for it, but when he checked when I was on the phone it was not there). But we are both of the opnion that if the wireless transmitter was not working, the gears would not work as it is an ‘in-line’ system – the wire was disconnectedf from the rear derailuer and plugged into the transmitter and a wire then went back from the transmitter to the rear derailuer. You would think that if the transmitter was faulty, there would be no electical current sent through the system and the gears would not work, Also, funnily enough, when you go to Magellan’s website, it says version 4.0 is the latest version,, but if I connect my 505 to my computer via usb, the Magellan Cyclo app wants to update it to version 3.XX go figure?1?

  3. Hi Greg

    Just one other thing, are you able to send me a list of files that you have in the main folder of the system on the Magellan (Ithas folders that says dodge, tracks etc then about 5 files also listed there as well). I think that the support guy went home while the files were uploading to my pc and my Magellan had one more file to what was uploaded so I left it there, but it may not need to be there.



  4. Hi Greg

    Well, my files match. I even factory reset it and tried to connect the phone again, but Bluetooth died on the unit – came up with a screen saying it had crashed! Still no Di2. I have asked for a refund and I will just get the Garmin 1000.

    Thanks for your help.



  5. I am reposting this from the Mio UK facebook page in the hopes that someone might be able to help here. I have so far two major problems with the latest update.

    Ever since updating my Mio 505 to V4 i am now no longer able to connect to my Speed/Cadence sensor. This was working fine with the previous software version. I have tested my HRM and this connects with no problems. I have also tried swapping batteries and i still experience the same, please help!

    More problems, i tried syncing a recording over wifi this morning, but nothing showed up on the website and the recording was deleted from the device, even though i selected the option on the website to keep any recordings on the device after sync. When i got home and synced another recording, this time using a USB cable, the recording showed up on the website and the recording remained on the device. i proceeded to delete the track from the website, and then did a wifi sync. The track is now deleted from the device and is not on the website.

    • Hi Ant,
      there are several v4.0 versions out there, some very buggy. Could you please give us the full version number. Its available at Settings > Scroll right to Product Info > versions > Software Version. For example my current version is 2014-04-25

    • Hi ant,
      in my Case (Mio 505 V4.06.8808) i had to do a full Reset and re-install the Firmware and Software, then it works without Problem.
      The Update from 3.01.x to 4.06.x is not a good idea.

      Here is the todo for Mio Cyclo 505 (HC):

      • Connect Mio to PC, do a Backup of the 2 Mio Devices (Mio Data and Mio System)

      • Then do a fast formating of Mio System (YES, all Datas will be LOST on this device !!)

      • Disconnect the Mio from your PC, waiting until it is booting and displaying the “USB Screen”

      • Start MioShare > Connect your Mio Device to the PC, and go to “Updates -> Search Update”, and install all Updates which are displayed. (Maybe this is displayed automatically)

      Hope this helps,


  6. Hi Greg,
    In regards to the time issues you are having, I found the magellan twitter feed and noticed someone else had the same problem. Magellan support recommended to reset to factory default settings but they said that any settings you have changed will be lost.
    Let us know if this helps!


    • Thanks Duncan, the term “reset to factory default settings” is a little bit ambiguous because there are actually two options. Can you please let us know whether the advice is to do a “Back to factory” or a “Restore Default”. From previous experience, I know that a “Back to factory” not only deletes all settings, but it also erase all tracks, even the default ones supplied out of the box, which is a bit of a pain. I have already done a “Restore Default” and it did not fix the problem.

    • Hi Duncan, I just did a “Back to factory” which resets everything. Went for a walk and recoded it and its showing in History with yesterday’s date. So the reset did not fix the problem. One benefit of the “Back to factory” reset is that it reset the odometer – its now showing 580m not 45,000km like before.

      • Sorry to hear that. Here is the conversation from @magellangps on twitter that I found…
        @spencekelleher Hello, time is automatically set by the GPS clock when locked onto satellites. If it’s still an hour late when locked onto satellites, you can reset to factory default settings which should resolve your issue. However, please keep in mind your settings will be lost. We hope this helps. Thank you.

        • Hi Duncan, I really think the date problem I have is a new bug in the V4 software because it was fine until I installed the upgrade.

  7. Today i rode home in rainy conditions and after a few raindrops hit the screen it first just changes the pages. After a while (4min) there were no touchscreen function anymore. Even after drying the screen nothing changes. At home drying it again but nothing happens. Even after some shutdowns and restarts the screen were freezed. After 20 min offtime i restarted again and it worked again. Then again after nearly 20 min i startet again and touchscreen frozen again.

    Anyone knew a solution? Factory Reset?

    • This problem has been reported by other users and was fixed in a software update – are you using the latest software version (V4.06.8808)?
      I have always used a screen protector (I just cut down one for a phone to the right size), I have ridden in the rain several times and never had this problem.

      • Hi,
        after one day one waiting the problem is away. Don´t know how.
        Software version is the newest available.
        Cyclo 2014-05-25
        ROM: R1.0.23

        What do you meant with screen protector (display cover/protector) like 3m slides. I looked for them a few days ago. There available from several distributors like “Vikuiti”, “atFolix”. Any advice?

        Thanks for your help.

          • Hi Thanks for your help.

            I bought an Vikuiti™ MySunshadeDisplay ADQC27 from 3M. Since installed, riding in rain or drops of sweet aren’t any stress for the touchscreen. No freeze any more and stable running of the mio.

            So my advice for anyone just install a display cover after buying a mio 505

  8. a question to the navigation with ready-made gpx-tracks.

    i have planned with a course, which starts at home, goes for a round of 75km and ends at the same place at home.

    i saved this course as gpx-track and gpx-route. when i want the mio to navigate me the course with “navigation – tracks” the 505 just shows me the “End”-Flag and says “You have reached the end” (not exactly).

    What have i to do , that 505 navigates me a ready-made gpx-track or gpx-route, when start and end is at the same place?

    sorry for my bad english …

    • Hej everyone,

      if this is helpful to anyone, here is the solution:

      If you want to ride a course which is a round, so start and end is nearly the same point, you have to cut this gpx-track (or gpx-route) into two pieces, so you have two half rounds.
      Then mio navigates correct this course, you will have a short pause in the middle cause of changing the track.

      i hope, mio will bring in the future the possibility, just to display the course without navigating, like garmin does it in edge 705/800/810/1000.

  9. Without the ability to change maps or upload maps of other countries this device is limited and a show stopper for me.
    I live in Europe and in Australia and have to choose Europe or Oz…pretty darn pathetic…so Garmin have this covered nicely and always have done
    Mio need this to be a major consideration.

    • Magellan Australia Manager has said they will be providing the ability to add different maps in a future update. All maps are located in the map folder, visible when you connect the 505 to a PC. I can’t see why OSM maps for other regions could not be added to the OSM folder.

  10. Hello,

    Hope can help me with this odd case with my MIO 505 HC.
    Is can’t detect (pair heart & cadence) sensors, initially was okay(with software version 4).
    I detects both garmin sensors but not the MIO sensors, so got new sensors but still the same problem. Software verson is

  11. My 505 screen has frozen and wont clear, the on / off button functions ok but the touch screen has no response, is there any way of carrying out a factory reset?

  12. I note on the Pairing the Magellan 505 to a phone. If you have a large contacts directory, make sure you switch off ‘sync contact’ under your phones Bluetooth connection for the ‘Cyclo’.
    The Phone set-up would freeze on my Magellan until I disabled this function.
    Now works a treat!

  13. The Cyclo 505 still does not support the Garmin Magnet less speed and cadence sensors. I have tried and tried again to connect without success. Is there a solution

  14. I have been a mio cyclo user For a couple of years now and the routing / navigation is beyond dispute.

    The mounting tabs on the back are simply not adequate and two of mine have broken now, yet they cite user error instead of making it more robust. The waterproofing has also been poor and resulted in another return and a new battery. Customer support was dreadful. The unit now rattles as the new battery obviously is poorly fitted. I would rather open it up and fix it myself amnd reseal it than trust them to do it – eventually!

    More worrying though is that my wife bought me some new Vector 2s power pedals but although they pair with the 505 unit they will not calibrate properly. The Vectors use a Garmin dynamic pedalling calibration from 70 to 80 rpm, wheras the 505 will only do a static pedal angle calibration. Data received is way down on correct values and much less than half. Seems like Magellan have a lot of programming to do…

  15. I know this is an old blog but maybe you can help me. After running the battery down on my Cyclo505 I have had problems: The computer has appeared to work fine while on the bike but after stopping it has crashed each time I used it (DODGE application error) and no data was saved. Also when I connect the unit to my computer (Surface Pro3 Win10), it reports there is an error with the disk, scan and fix. I’ve played around a lot since then and am getting nowhere.

    First I tried “back to factory” which didn’t seem to do anything (custom profile settings and Surprise Me tracks remained, and unit continued crashing). Then I tried Default settings with same result. Then I tried to format Mgn_system and this is where it gets interesting: “Windows was unable to format the drive”, so I tried deleting some folders and they kept reappearing when I restarted the unit – OK, so the unit must restore files from ROM on restart, but the error kept occurring. I then tried to get Windows to scan and fix the drive. When I did it through the drive tools, Windows reported that the drive had been scanned and errors fixed, but when I close the dialog box it reported the drive errors again. After playing around a bit more I’ve discovered that the unit doesn’t seem to be saving any settings. (ie if I create new profiles they remain while the unit is on but are lost when I turn off and back on, but my original profile remains. If I disable phone in Settings it still looks for the phone when I restart.)

    I then explored trying to force an update. I managed to find the files where the version is reported and deleted the right file to fool CycloAgent into thinking my version wasn’t up to date and it seemed to update properly but the weird behaviour remained and the error continued to occur.

    I am considering exploring two options: try to force a ROM reflash, and/or repartitioning the Mgn_system drive in the hope of removing a bad sector (that could be causing the issue). Do you have any advice on how to do either of these? (I HAVE tried a third party tool to format the drive and it reported that the drive was read-only, and something else I used reported that it could not write to sector 0 – I think it was checkdisk or fdisk from cmd prompt.) The unit is running ROM V1.1.07 Software I recently bought it used and until now had no problems.

    Would really appreciate your help.

    • Hi Alan, I still use a Cyclo 505 but as Magellan have abandoned it I don’t have much contact with them any more.
      As you know, formatting the internal drive wipes it completely and there is no way it can work after formatting the Mgn_system drive.
      I could give you a copy of everything from my 505 – that might get you going again.
      My only other comment is to check that when you formatted the internal drive it was formatted as FAT32

      Also there is a much more active forum at

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