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DD Systems is now providing Cloud Backup Services to small businesses.

Many small businesses backup to tape or do no backups at all because as the business grew, backing up files was never properly considered.   With the advent of affordable Internet connections, even the smallest of businesses can now take advantage of a completely automatic backup system that requires no input at all.  Cloud Backup means backing up over an Internet connection to storage located “in the cloud”.  In our case the “Cloud” is actually Melbourne Australia.  This is really important if you ever need to do a complete server reload because if the data is stored in a data centre in another country in can take hours or even days to download your data to a physical hard drive that can be used to reload your server!

No more tapes or portable hard drives

Our fully managed cloud  backup service frees you from the day to day hassle associated with tape backups, letting you focus on your business with complete confidence that your data is always safe.

Cloud backup combines Australian developed remote backup and recovery software with dual on-site and off-site data storage.  Your company gains the benefits of world-class technology and equipment with the advantages of a local team and easily accessible off-site backup storage facilities located in Australia.

Security of your business data is paramount

All backups are stored at three separate locations:

  • at a backup drive installed in your local server or elsewhere on site which allows instant, local access to backed-up data.
  • at a secure off-site vault at our storage facility in Melbourne.
  • at a vault backup facility in case of a hardware failure at our vault.

Its Automatic

Both the on-site backup and the backup to off-site storage run automatically – you don’t have do anything.  We can even email details after every backup so you know that you are constantly protected.

Its complete

  • We can backup PC’s (Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista) and Servers (Server 2003,  Server 2008 and SBS 2011)
  • Live backup of SQL Server, Exchange Server and SharePoint
  • Live backup of MS Outlook PST files
  • Backup Windows System State (including Active Directory) – enables bare metal & disaster recovery Backup
  • Backup network-mapped drives
  • Backup files of any type or size

Its Secure

Data is transmitted over the Internet using SSL and encrypted during transmission to our off-site vault and then encrypted again when actually stored at the off-site vault.  Only you have the encryption key for the off-site vault storage so no-one but you can access your data.

The most important part – restoration

  • For smaller issues such as deleted or corrupted files, restoration is almost instant from the on-site backup.
  • All backup solutions get tested when a real catastrophe arises.  One of the major problems with all cloud backup services is that it is not possible to transfer the amount of data required to do a full server rebuild over the Internet easily and quickly. We keep a complete image of your server at our off-site vault so that in the event of your server being destroyed (by a fire for example), we will come to your premises with a portable hard drive and reload your new server with a complete image of your existing server.
  • We can also restore your system image to a different hardware platform if your server is destroyed.

Contact us for a quote.

Our service starts at $A30 per month (plus GST) after setup costs.  Every small business has different requirements so please contact us using the form below and we will tailor a proposal for your business.  Further information is also available at the dedicated Backup OZ website.

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