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  • Gallery Administrator on 21-Apr-2012 20:06:37 Gallery Administrator said

    The outstanding Electricity bill. KES41,297 is about $A485
  • LyLy on 04-Aug-2012 09:34:32 LyLy said

    I agree. One thing I learned at the Motorcycle Safety Foundation class was the srwiveng and throttle control are both your friends. We did many srwiveng drills,as they believe that srwiveng out of the way of a hazard is infinitely better than laying the bike down. In fact, people will say I layed the bike down to avoid a crash. Well, they define that as a crash. Gunning the throttle at the right moment can take you out of the path of danger.I don't have any Joe Rocket gear but I understand it's good stuff. I mostly ride Olympia and Tourmaster.

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