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  • Florinda on 04-Aug-2012 15:01:54 Florinda said

    The Eisenhower Interstate Highway System is an example of why big exvnseipe infrastructure projects get funded. Who were the interest groups that would profit from such a project? Concrete, steel, tires, autos, gasoline, construction, and labor. Who were the losers? Railroads, railroad workers, and central cities. Fair and balanced: if you're going to analyze political decisions, account for all the relevant facts and motivations. Otherwise you become simply a partisan mouthpiece. Pork is a federal money handout to somebody else.
  • Jeannie on 14-May-2017 08:07:59 Jeannie said

    pricey???? £7, in london, for hand-reared rare breed pork and beef, and the works,, good luck finding price points like that el.eehwre..sand Marcus - "some serious cash behind Pittcue" - Tom, the owner, worked two cheffing jobs simultaneously to buy an old tin shell and fit it himself. some people should think before making assumptions based on little, or none, industry knowledge.

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